Falling For Nature

Today I bring you a very nature filled post. The leaves on the trees are finally at those perfect firey tones, which happen to make great photo ops. October is the one month of the Fall season that I think is truly Fall, or more appropriately Autumn. October is the epitome of Autumn. It’s when all the events are happening-like craft shows, flea markets, pumpkin and apple festivals…it’s when bonfires are at their best (no more mosquitos!), it’s when you enjoy hot apple cider and some matching cider donuts…it’s when all the local farms have their best Fall produce out in their road side stands (gourds, and pumpkins, and squashes, oh my!) It’s when you get to wear your most favorite, broken in boots, and scarves, and jackets…it’s when you can walk through the park and smell those leafy aromas (Oak leaves are my favorite)…it’s when you can really look around and appreciate the nature of change.

These photos are all from spots around Cleveland’s most coveted Metroparks. It’s the BEST time of year to spend a lot of time wandering around all parts, and to really take it all in.


















Harris Tweed Jacket was Mom’s from many years ago, Striped tee from L.L.Bean, Jeans from Anthropologie (no longer available), Boots by Arturo Chiang from Dillard’s (no longer available, but my now perfectly broken in ones ;) ) Made the scarf.

What do you love about Fall? :)

Falling Back

Hello all! I know it’s been a while, and I hate to be one of those bloggers who apologizes every post for not posting in a while…but really, I do apologize…you know how the story goes, life has just gotten in the way of life! Anyway, here I am! And I am going to be sure to snatch some awesome Fall related photos and turn them into some especially awesome posts for you guys…because let’s face it, Fall really is the greatest season so it deserves all the attention it can get for the short time it usually lasts.

Today, I bring you a Fall blogfit featuring the same green pants I wore in a post from LAST fall! They truly are probably one of, if not my most favorite pair of pants that I own for this time of the year. The color is expertly versatile, they are incredibly comfortable, and they are made by AG Jeans which is a US made brand, and in my book, that makes them even better.












Pants from Anthropologie by AG, (color no longer available); Jacket was my sisters! Shoes from DSW, (no longer available); Jade necklace was my Grandma’s; Hat by Converse (?) for Target, (no longer available).

Officially Fall

Well, as of Monday it is officially Fall. Soon all the leaves will be vibrant colors and we’ll all be sipping hot cider, going on hay rides and picking the best pumpkins. Fall really has all the good stuff, doesn’t it ?

And of course one of my favorite parts of Fall is bringing out the leather jackets and boots, because somehow they just really help with the mood.










Jacket is Buffalo by David Bitten, Arturo Chiang combat boots (no longer available), Theory blouse from second hand store, necklace from LOFT about 4 years ago (no longer available).

Boy Meets Girl

One of the greatest things about fashion is the allowance of mixing and matching. That’s what makes great style…those ‘highs and lows’ I’ve mentioned before are really what generate unique outfits. Today’s blogfit is just that. Menswear + Feminine details. I absolutely love feminine styles and silhouettes, but I also love menswear details, like a good piece of leather. I think leather is one of my favorite textiles used in apparel and accessories. It’s got such a versatile quality to it. It can be rough and tough and completely utilitarian, but it can also be the perfect detail to many contemporary designs…and just adds that perfect amount of ‘edge’.

These trouser chinos definitely say ‘menswear’. When I first saw them in the window, I honestly thought they were a dress pant…I then realized they were actually a chino and was really surprised! But surprised in a good way, because as a chino, they are very comfortable but the pinstripe makes them appear much more sophisticated.








Blouse is one that I made about a year and a half ago, blue pinstripe chinos from Anthropologie (my newest favorite pants!) shoes from Steve Madden, Brahmin handbag…as seen in this last post.

Bring Out the Plaid

Bring Out the Plaid

Hello all! Well, it’s September and you know what that means…Fall is creeping up on us. Soon the switch will be flipped and we will be sipping cider or pumpkin spice lattes, wearing our scarves, boots, leather jackets, and of course, PLAID. Plaid says FALL to me. When I see plaid, I think of Fall. This Fall, I have ‘plaid dress’ on my ‘to make’ list, so hopefully in the near future, you will indeed see me in a Callie Original plaid dress. ;) I put together this Polyvore set revolving around a plaid dress from Modcloth. Aren’t those Sorel boots AWESOME?! It’s such a fashion forward boot compared to what Sorel is known for. Good to see though, I love them! :)

What says FALL to you??

Late Summer: What to Wear

I know in my last mini post I promised to do a more detailed post on my sister’s recent wedding…which I will! But not quite yet…still getting photos ready to go. ;) In the meantime, I will post a ‘beginning of fall’ blogfit…

August is always such a tricky month to dress for. I mean, 2 weeks ago it was 70 some degrees, and this past week it’s been well above 90 almost daily. So, what do you wear when you want to stay cool, but then also not get numb while sitting in air conditioning??

My solution is this: a pencil skirt and tee, and a blazer for chillier temperatures. It’s work wear-able. This ensemble also keeps things a *bit* more on the casual side, but not tooo casual.









Pencil skirt and jacket from H&M (I’m telling you, I have not found a pencil skirt anywhere else that has fit as well as the ones I own from H&M). Basic tee; jewelry is either very old, or my mom’s. :) Shoes from Target, Belt from Anthropologie (no longer available). Brahmin bag.

Summer Days


Perry’s Monument, Put-in-Bay.


Kimberly’s Carousel, Put-in-Bay…a pretty cool, historic carousel.


White Riesling from Heineman’s Winery. Yum!







Our great lake.


Brandywine Falls, Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Here are some random pictures from this summer. :) Some are from our very own Put-in-Bay… And some are from a day in our National Park-Cuyahoga Valley.

To me, summer always includes nature. We should all ‘be one with nature’, as my Grandpa would always say… And I say that’s the most fun, (and easiest) in the summer.

Summer to Fall Transition

Summer to Fall Transition

I must admit, it’s hard not to think about Fall clothes when the weather this summer has been soo cool. When the temperature barely reaches 70 on a late July day, it’s difficult not to crave cozy sweaters, boots and scarves, bonfires, and pumpkin spice lattes. But we must resist! It’s not fall yet!! And after this past winter, I am not eagerly waiting for this cooler weather to stay a while. Needless to say, I hope we have a more normal August, but unfortunately it’s not looking very promising. So, I put together this Polyvore set of what I’ll probably be wearing in the next month to transition from summer to fall weather (and probably with a little bit of resistance).

C’est La Vie!

It’s amazing what all you can do with a t-shirt. They basically have never-ending versatility. I normally don’t go for graphic tees, but I will if they’re not too cheesy or cutesy. I knew instantly that I wanted this C’est La Vie graphic tee from Anthropologie as soon as I saw it. It doesn’t have a cheesy saying, it has a great little mantra-‘C’est La Vie’, That’s Life! And as an added bonus, it’s made in the good old US of A. Of course when I saw it, I also instantly thought of the 90’s song C’est La Vie by B*Witched–the music video is so classically 90’s girl band. I love it. Anyway, I digress. I love what you can do with a simple tee. Graphic tees are especially fun because you really can dress them up or down. Casual with a pair of jeans, or dressed up a little bit with a skirt and jacket like how I chose to wear it.










Denim jacket-$5! score at Dillard’s a few years back, Tee-here, Skirt-The Limited (forever ago!!), Shoes-Target, Belt-Anthropologie, Purse-Mom’s (vintage).