C’est La Vie!

It’s amazing what all you can do with a t-shirt. They basically have never-ending versatility. I normally don’t go for graphic tees, but I will if they’re not too cheesy or cutesy. I knew instantly that I wanted this C’est La Vie graphic tee from Anthropologie as soon as I saw it. It doesn’t have a cheesy saying, it has a great little mantra-‘C’est La Vie’, That’s Life! And as an added bonus, it’s made in the good old US of A. Of course when I saw it, I also instantly thought of the 90’s song C’est La Vie by B*Witched–the music video is so classically 90’s girl band. I love it. Anyway, I digress. I love what you can do with a simple tee. Graphic tees are especially fun because you really can dress them up or down. Casual with a pair of jeans, or dressed up a little bit with a skirt and jacket like how I chose to wear it.










Denim jacket-$5! score at Dillard’s a few years back, Tee-here, Skirt-The Limited (forever ago!!), Shoes-Target, Belt-Anthropologie, Purse-Mom’s (vintage).

Catching Fireflies

I cannot believe it’s already mid July.  I feel like I still haven’t done many summery things… So tonight I revisited a favorite childhood pastime and caught some lightning bugs… because it’s OK to hold on to a little bit of our inner child… It helps brings out the whimsy in life. ;)


Chambray and Linen

If there is one shirt that I had to pick as a wardrobe staple of all time, it would be a chambray. I’m convinced that their versatility is close to endless.

Today, when I put on this outfit, (even though she’s not actually wearing a chambray shirt in the movie) I instantly felt like I had been subconsciously inspired by Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday. From the scenes when she’s running around Rome having the experience of her life. I think that ensemble is one of my favorites in costume design history. It is just so perfectly Audrey. It’s so stylish, yet so easy and effortless. Not to mention, the pixie haircut tops the whole thing off wonderfully…and I don’t think anyone could pull off a pixie better than Audrey Hepburn (and maybe Halle Berry).

Google Image

Google Image









Chambray from Target a few years ago; Linen skirt made by me; Shoes from Target, Belt from Anthropologie; Mom’s tooled leather purse and silver bracelets.

Happy 4th!

The 4th of July always means sparklers for us. This year we got some pretty rad pictures with them too.

It was a rather cool Fourth this year, which actually, I found a little disappointing. I was all for the 85 and humid weather we usually find ourselves complaining about. ;p It is July after all.






Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Fourth! :)

Casual in Khakis

It’s funny…I look back at my last few style/blogfit posts and then look at this one and realize that there’s not much rhyme or reason to my style, is there? But hey, I wear what I like and am in the mood for. So, from a sequin jacket (last post) to khaki pants…I bring you some (slightly) dressed up summer apparel, to some casual summer apparel.

I usually have always avoided khakis/chinos (whichever name you prefer) and I’m not totally sure why. I actually had this pair in my give-away pile and pulled them back out to give them another shot. I see many khaki related style experiments in my future. ;)







Chinos from Anthropologie last year, no longer available. Similar here. Stripe tee and shoes from Target. ‘Duo Necklace’ from Anthropologie. Dooney and Bourke purse from about 2 or 3 years ago. Belt is Kenneth Cole, thrifted. Red shades were a freebie from one of Ohio’s greatest restaurants-Winking Lizard. ;)

Sequin Jacket: Summerfied

This sequin jacket was a Christmas present this past holiday. Here it is in the winter. Today, I decided to see if I could summer-fy it in order to get a little more use out of it. I must admit, this was an outfit I would’ve kept on all day had the temperature not kept crawling upward. The weight of those sequins add a little too much warmth for a nearly 90 degree day at the end of June. Perhaps I’ll bring it back out on a 70-ish degree day. ;)






Sequin jacket-vintage from Etsy; Cut off shorts; Converse; ‘Duo Necklace’-Anthropologie; Bracelet-Thrifted.

The Happy Color

I am all about the yellow lately (see previous post ;) )…summer always brings out my desire to wear yellow. It just seems an appropriate color to wear because everyone seems happier in the summer, and yellow is such a happy color :) I found this pretty yellow chiffon top at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks back for about $15. At the time, I had pictured it with white pants or a white skirt…but really the possibilities are endless since it is such a simply designed top. I will have to experiment quite a bit with it this summer.






Yellow top-Nordstrom Rack; White pants-Target; Silk scarf-was Mom’s; Sandals-Target; Necklace-Anthropologie; Purse-Dooney & Burke about 2 or 3 years ago.

Yellow Schwinn, No Punchbacks!

YAY! I finally got a new bike! :D I am SO excited. This sunny Schwinn bike was my birthday gift this year :) I’ve wanted a cruiser bike for quite some time…every time we go to Put-In-Bay in fact, I come home wanting a cruiser bike because they are just so much fun to *literally* cruise around on (especially on an island).

Needless to say, this summer is going to be spent on many bike rides through the CLE Metroparks on this pop of color. The husband and I kick-started that goal the other morning too…we made ourselves some yummy egg and avocado breakfast sandwiches, rode to the closest coffee shop, and then headed down into the CLE Metroparks to have a little morning picnic. :) Maybe our next adventure will be a lunch picnic?









Le Petit Post

Sorry it’s been a while! June is always a super busy month , it seems.  So this is going to be a small post, too. 
I just wanted to share a couple photos from our dinner last week at Le Petit Triangle in Ohio City.  We had only gotten brunch there before, which was equally as fantastic.
First, they have a really great cocktail list, but for dinner I got a yummy steak and the husband got a chicken dish with mostly lemon and olive flavors.  For dessert, we split one of their amazing chocolate souflees.  One thing I love about their menu is how perfect the portions are. Not too much or too little.




Le Petit Triangle, my friends, is one of CLEs gems. Give it a go. You will leave perfectly satisfied.

June Wedding Wear

June Wedding Wear

‘Tis the Wedding Season!! So, what to wear!? Er on the side of classic and you can’t go wrong. I found this Dolce and Gabbana dress that’s full of color and perfect to wear to a lovely June wedding. Make it pop even more with some bright colored accessories…bright colored accessories are always a good way to brighten up any classic silhouette-especially the sleeveless sheath dress.

Don’t forget to tuck away your favorite lip wear in your clutch either. ;) I’ve found that Sugar Lips works really well at hydrating for a long period of time…and it smells nice and fresh too.