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Why, hello! Long time no blog! It’s been a crazy fast summer guys! I can’t believe it’s already the end of July!  Just wanted to share an #blogfit with you, so today’s post is short and sweet.





Just checkin’ out my tomato plant (featured in the last post) which now has two more ripe tomatoes! I’m crossing my fingers for the 6 others growing to turn just as red and ripe (and delicious) as they’ve been so far.



Isn’t this bracelet awesome?? I love how the found objects and colors complement each other so well.


‘Bazaar’ tee from Dillard’s about 4 or 5 years ago; I made the polka dot skirt; bracelet from Anthropologie last year (no longer available), shoes from Target.

Lock[ed] Treasure

I’ve really been enjoying getting to know more of the nooks and crannies of our wonderful Cuyahoga Valley National Park, aka #CVNP.  Each place is like a little piece of treasure, some more hidden than others.  We wandered around the park near Deep Lock Quarry, which was the biggest lock (#28) of the entire Ohio Erie Canal.  It’s about 17 feet deep which is pretty impressive to see in person and to picture how it had been utilized in the past.

DSC_1078- We caught a glimpse of the CVNP scenic railroad train as we headed toward Deep Lock. IMG_1216-  DSC_1108-IMG_1222-IMG_1217-DSC_1147- Old grindstones.DSC_1166-The Lock is now a swampy home to some noisy toads. ;)IMG_1218- IMG_1219- IMG_1220-Wonder how old this footprint is… ;)IMG_1221- DSC_1184- DSC_1192- DSC_1185- DSC_1202-DSC_1069-DSC_1084-


Top: made by me

Shorts: thrifted Levi’s 501’s and cut off. Belt also thrifted.

Shoes: Target

Purse: Vintage Coach

Bracelet: Target (? Long time ago!)

Breathing in Spring

Have you ever noticed how each season has its smells? You know, those really distinct aromas you immediately associate with that season?  In Fall it’s the smell of crunchy falling leaves, the brisk air, and bonfires….in Winter the air is so cold that it smells like nothing, just …icy.  And when you breathe it in you can feel it in your lungs right away so much that you start coughing. In Spring though…everything smells so fresh.  It smells damp from the rain, green…you know, plant-y?

After this winter, believe me I’ve been taking in Spring.  Enjoying the sunshine and comfortably warm temperatures, taking deep breaths of those wonderful Spring smells and scenes.

Today we stopped by the Ledges (aka Ritchies Ledges) at Virginia Kendall Park in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  These rock formations are really incredible to see, especially after learning how old some of the rock actually is (thousands of years+).  We also learned a little about some Ohio biology history from a park volunteer-like how Northern Ohio has no native Earth worms, and why certain trees thrive here and others don’t, and a slew of other Ohio nature facts.

I admit, there are times where I feel like we’re pretty spoiled here in Ohio with the easy access to the expansive Metroparks and a pretty wonderful National Park.  There are so many wonderful pockets within them, all of which serve as such a great place for all sorts of activities, or even as a place to go to re-gather your mind… and just breathe.


ledges cvnp (1) cvnpledges (6) ledges cvnp (7) ledges cvnp (6) ledges cvnp (3) ledges cvnp (5) ledges cvnp (9) ledges cvnp (11) cvnp ledges (4) cvnp ledges (3) cvnp ledges (1)

The ledges…really, my pictures don’t do these rocks justice.

cvnpledges (1) cvnpledges (3)

Found this picnic table nestled within the trees off of the trail.  A great little hideaway spot for a Spring picnic.


cvnpledges (2) cvnpledges (4)

Stumbled upon this guy while he was dangling in mid-air by his silk string (is that what it’s called? [probably not]) He was kind of swinging back and forth and then stuck his landing on my sleeve. :) No worries, we safely moved him back to a tree. ;)

cvnpledges (8) cvnpledges (9) ledges cvnp (8)


Wearing a Gap blouse;

H&M straw fedora and skinny jeans that I deconstructed a little bit;

shoes from Target last year;

and a vintage Coach purse.

Spring Transition

Spring Transition

Waiting for the Train

Maybe it’s because I’m from a historically industrial city, but there’s just something about trains and train tracks, and railway stations that I absolutely love.  I love their inevitable grittiness and the way they can feel so raw and eerie.

The last time I took a traditional train somewhere was in Europe, where it’s still a more favored way of travel compared to the US.  It really is such a shame that trains are no longer a major means of transportation, at least domestically.  Although, the reasons why trains aren’t a first choice anymore are understandable… the time it takes to get from here to there, and let’s face it, they’re just not as glamorous a ride as they used to be in their heyday.

On the other hand, in the way of scenic railroads, Ohio has quite a special one.  The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.  This train travels through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park so you can soak in the beautiful scenes of nature all while dining on your breakfast, brunch, or lunch…or as you enjoy some of the fun events, like the Ales on Rails or the Grape Escape-beer and wine tasting, respectively.

cuy_railway (2) cuy_railway (4) cuy_railway (3) cuy_railway (22) cuy_railway (23) cuy_railway (27) cuy_railway (28) cuy_railway (24) cuy_railway (21) cuy_railway (20) cuy_railway (5) cuy_railway (9) cuy_railway (8) cuy_railway (11) cuy_railway (30) cuy_railway (29)

Suede jacket-Preston & York, Dillard’s
Maxi skirt-Nordstrom Rack
Boots-Arturo Chiang (n/a)
Hat-Converse All Star (n/a)
Purse-Vintage 1970’s Coach

Petal Pink

Happy Easter!  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.  It was an absolutely BEA-utiful day for us here in CLE, which is usually a hit or miss for this annual special Sunday.  But when we do get a warm and sunny one, it makes this Spring holiday that much sweeter.

Today, I wanted to share this pink petal coat (freshly finished) project of mine.  I was inspired by a street-wear picture I came across a very long time ago and loved it so much that decided to give it a go myself by upcycling an old coat.  I’m extremely excited with how it turned out.

BEFOREpink coat (5)

pink coat (3) pink coat (1) pink coat (11)

I don’t know what it is about this color, and I know I’ve said this multiple times before, but I truly love it, especially for the Spring.  It just suits the season perfectly, I think.

pink coat (13) pink coat (17) pink coat (18) pink coat (19)

It’s so exciting to finally see green sprouts showing up everywhere!  A couple days ago it seemed like Mother Nature just flipped the on-switch for Spring…everything had become noticeably greener, which is just so very inspirational and reassuring.

pink coat (6) pink coat (10) pink coat (8) pink coat (15) pink coat (16) pink coat (14) pink coat (12)

Our yummy Easter creations this year. >:o)


pink coat (20)



Dress-Antonio Melani from Dillard’s (n/a)
Shoes-Jessica Simpson (n/a)
Necklace-made it
Upcycled coat

Great Blue Heronry

Today I’m going to share a sparkly gem within the Ohio Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  It’s the Heronry on Bath road.  We stopped there back in February but were quick to learn that the heron’s nesting season wasn’t until March which would be the best time to view them.  So, back we went to the Heronry in mid-March, and it was an irreplaceable experience.  It was so awesome to see sooo many Great Blue Herons.  There were probably 100+ nests, and to see the large quantity of Herons was just amazing.

Though it can be quite noticeable  from some of my photos, I’m quite a nature lover and I always have been.. perhaps due to my upbringing but really, nature is one of the greatest places to find solitude. This is also probably why I just stood there on the side of Bath Road, in awe at what I was witnessing because I had never seen so many Great Blue Herons in one place before, and to see them in a natural habitat was super cool.  For being such tall (something like 4 feet!) and lanky birds, Great Blue Herons are absolutely mesmerizing and wonderfully graceful.

Heronrybath (102)- Heronrybath (144)- Heronrybath (143)- Heronrybath (136)- Heronrybath (111)- Heronrybath (80) Heronrybath (104)- Heronrybath (43)-    Heronrybath (17)- Heronrybath (18)- Heronrybath (19)-


Heronrybath (107)-

nature quote


Do you see how awesome it is? If you are a nature aficionado and haven’t been to this Ohio Heronry, please go…you will love it (And bring a zoom lens ;) ).

Falling Water

“Raindrops are fallin’ on my head”…was stuck in my head all day long yesterday because of all the rain…(but then of course today we woke up to a blanket of snow-it’s been like that guest that won’t leave).  We got out to the CLE Metroparks in Hinckley to take some pictures of this great waterfall and really capture the theme of the day-water.

DSC_1238- DSC_1252- DSC_1260- DSC_1267- waterfall_1 DSC_1308-


Our Great Blue friend who decided to stop by for a bite to eat. ;)

DSC_1283- DSC_1289-


Buffalo by David Bitten Jacket-no longer available

AG Slim Straight Jeans

Sorel Slimpack boots

Anthropologie hat-no longer available

Scarf from a market in London